Windjana Gorge National Park

The Windjana Gorge National Park, covering an area of 2,134ha, consists of a 3.5km long gorge formed by the Lennard River, which snakes its way through an ancient limestone reef, approximately 350 million years old.


The river only flows for short periods in the Green Season and isolated pools support an abundance of animals including birds and fish. Freshwater crocodiles can often be seen sunning themselves in the afternoon.


With its sheer cliffs, water and natural vegetation, Windjana Gorge offers a number of interesting walks, and the opportunity to closely examine the barrier reef which was formed under the ocean in the Devonian geological period.


Trailside signs interpret features in the gorge and on the savannah grassland outside. Access to the Park is via a good dry weather gravel and dirt road. In the Green Season, check with the Shire of Derby West Kimberley or the Derby Tourist Bureau for road weather conditions. From April to October, Rangers are based at Windjana Gorge.


The camping facilities provided include toilets, showers and rubbish bins. There are separate areas for camping, caravans and coach tours. Power is not available but wood can be purchased from the ranger to whom a camping fee of $5 must be paid. Light aircraft access available.



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