Purnululy National Park ( Bungle Bungle)

This 3000 square km National Park is hailed as one of Australia s greatest natural wonders.


The ecology of the park is very delicately balanced and the striped beehive like rock formations are extremely fragile. They have thin outerskins of black lichen and orange silica which, if broken, will expose the soft sandstone beneath to the torrential rains of the green season resulting in erosion.


Vegetation in the area contrasts from unique Bungle Bungle Fan Palm, to tough eucalypts and spinifex in the plains. and open areas.


At the southern end of the park is Piccaninny Creek where the spectacular formations and side gorges are awe-inspiring.


Vehicle access is extremely difficult and limited to 4WD with good clearance. No caravans or trailers allowed.


Visitors are requested to stay on authorized tracks. New tracks can cause huge erosion gullies in the Green Season, destroying large tracts of land and preventing access. Due to seasonality and the fragility of internal roads, this national park is closed during January, February and March. The period may be extended dependent on weather conditions.


There are three camping areas inside the park, Kurrajong, Walardi and Bellburn. All have drinking water, and toilets and Bellburn is specifically used by tour operators.


Visitors are asked to be self sufficient and refrain from lighting camp fires and take all rubbish with them.



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