Cape Range National Park

Situated mostly On the west side of North West Cape, the Cape Range National Park is a spectacular place of rugged limestone ranges, deep canyons and 50 km of pristine beaches.


The park covers some 50,581ha and its boundary is only 40km from Exmouth.


Cape Range resulted from a gradual uplifting of the sea floor, fluctuating sea levels and the action of wind, rain and seaspray which weathered the range and plain.


Many rocks in the area are embedded with fossils. On the coastal plain on the west side of the range, fossilized coral reef are testimony to the primitive ecology of another time.


A highlight of any visit to the park is Yardie Creek. Here, a sand bar traps the deep blue water of the gorge catching striking reflections of multi-coloured bands in the sheer canyon walls.


A small population of rock wallabies dwell in the sheer walls of the gorge and add to its idyllic nature, while Euros and red kangaroos dot the coastal plain.


To fully appreciate the wonders of the park visit the Milyering Visitor Centre. The centre has an array of models, videos, a library selection and many graphic displays.


The nearest towns for supplies are:


Exmouth 40km from the northern end of the park 85km from Yardie Creek,


Coral Bay: 70km from the southern end of the park 112km from Yardie Creek Gorge.


Cape Range it self is largely inaccessible, but two roads run from the Learmonth- Exmouth Road into the range from the east.


Shothole Canyon Road winds along the bottom of a steep-sided canyon.


Charles Knife Road runs along a razor- back ridge to the crest of the Range. (WAPET drilled for oil here, in the 1950s, and the capped well-head is at the end of the road).


While both roads are signposted, they are steep and winding and unsuitable for caravans and trailers. Please also note that there is no access through to the coast.


On the west coast, there are a number of camping areas and car parks on the shore of Ningaloo Marine Park.


Travellers should note that there is almost no permanent surface water in the Cape Range. Please carry water at all times.



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