Snowy River National Park

Some of Victoria's most spectacular river scenery, magnificent deep gorges and diverse forests make Snowy River, 390 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, an outstanding national park.


The park covers an area of 98,700 hectares protecting Victoria's largest forest wilderness. In the north, the Bowen Range and Gelantipy Plateau dominate. Flowing south into the Snowy are the rugged waterways of Mountain Creek and the Rodger River. Vegetation in the park varies from dry rainshadow woodland to ancient forests and sub-alpine woodland. The rich fauna of the area reflects this diversity.


Wilderness areas


Two wilderness areas were declared in the park from June 1992. These are the Bowen (17,500 hectares) and the Snowy River (27,000 hectares). Wilderness protects areas of high conservation value. They provide opportunities for solitude and appropriate self-reliant recreational activities. Tracks in wilderness areas are closed to public vehicles.


Facilities and accommodation


The main camping areas in the park is at Mackillop Bridge at the junction of the Deddick and Snowy Rivers. You can camp eslewhere in the park provided you are self-contained and follow the fire lighting regulations.


Things to do and see


Bushwalking: Management tracks are suitable for easy and medium walks.


Canoeing: The Snowy River is ideal for canoeing. Remember, though, that the river can rise suddenly after rain. Check river levels and consult canoeing guide books when planning your trip.


Scenic Drives: Many roads through the Park are ideal for scenic driving.


Looking after the park


Visitors can help protect and preserve the natural features of the park by following some common-sense guidelines:


Dogs and cats are not permitted;


firearms are not permitted, except for deer hunting in specified areas; and


do not disturb or remove any native plants or animal.


More Information about the Snowy River National Park


Parks Victoria Information Line 131963



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