Lind National Park

The small area of Lind National Park protects a suprising number of forest types including significant areas of Warm Temperate Rainforest. The picnic facilities allow visitors to take a break and enjoy the refreshing smell of the river which grow along Euchre Creek.


Things to Do


Have a picnic or barbecue at Growler Creek.


Enjoy the Euchre Valley Nature Drive.




There are picnic tables,a fireplace and a toilet at Growler Creek.


There are no camping areas or walking tracks provided in the park.


The closest camping facilities are at Cann River, Bemm River and Ada River.




The park has a gold mining history centred around the creeks. Nearby Club Terrace is named for the Ace of Clubs mine and the terraces of mining spoils that were left behind after the mining operations had ceased.


The park was named after Sir Albert Lind, the Minister for Lands who was responsible for the reservation of five of Victoria's National Parks.




The parks supports open eucalypt forests of grey gum, messmate and silvertop ash and warm temperate rainforest in the gullies. River peppermints may be found growing along watercourses. One of the significant plants is the East Gippsland Waratah whose deep red flowers appear from October to December.


Looking After the Park


All native plants, animals, cultural and historic sites and natural features are protected.


Take your rubbish with you. The closest public rubbish tips are located in Cann River and Genoa.


Dogs and other pets are not permitted in the park.


Firearms are not permitted in the park.


Leave the park as you find it.




A fireplace is provided at Growler Creek. Please extinguish fires before leaving.


No fires including fuel stoves and gas appliances may be lit on days of Total Fire Ban.


How to Get There


The park adjoins the northern border of the Princes Highway 400 km east of Melbourne.


Nearby Parks


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Guided Activities


1. Bushwalking
2. Four Wheel Drive Tours
3. Mountain Bike Riding
4. Surfing/Surf Education



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