Coopracambra National Park

Coopracambra National park is one of the most remote sections of Victoria and remains largely undisturbed. The red sandstone gorge of the Genoa River and the surrounding granite peaks form some outstanding scenery. The 35,000 ha. park protects high conservation values with undisturbed ecosystems, a heritage river, rare flora and fauna and diverse landscape values.


Things to Do


A 2 km drive along the W.B. Line from the Monaro Highway brings you to a short walking track to the cascading Beehive Falls. The road beyond this point becomes 4WD only. The heli-pad at Mealing Hill, adjacent to the W.B. Line, gives excellent views of the area including Mt Kaye, Yambula Peak (South East Forests National Park in NSW) and the south to the coast.


The Genoa Wilderness Area provides for self-reliant recreation. Only experienced and well equipped hikers should undertake walks in the rugged and remote parts of this park.




There is a day visitor picnic area at the intersection of the Monaro Highway and the W.B. Line.


No camping or toilet facilities are provided in the park although bush camping is permitted.


The nearest campgrounds and facilities are in Cann River, Genoa or Mallacoota.




Vegetation varies from warm temperate rainforest to open eucalypt forests.


Looking After the Park


>> All native plants, animals, cultural and historic sites and natural features are protected.
>> Take your rubbish with you.
>> The closest public tips are located in Genoa an Cann River.
>> Dogs and other pets are not permitted in national parks.
>> Firearms are not permitted in the park.
>> The use of fuel stoves by hikers is encouraged.
>> No fires including fuel stoves and gas appliances may be lit on days of Total Fire Ban.
>> Do not use soaps, detergents and toothpaste in the streams and waterways as they are a source of drinking water for others.
>> Dispose of dirty water away from any watercourse.
>> Road closures, when in place, apply to all vehicles.
>> Leave the park as you find it.




Hikers should remember that during dry weather water may be scarce, and that the creek and river levels can rise rapidly after heavy rain in the catchment.


Only experienced and well equipped hikers should undertake walks in the rugged and remote areas of this park. Notify a friend or relative of your trip intentions.


How to Get There


Access is 30 km north of Cann River on the Monaro Highway along the W.B. Line in the west or from the Wangarabell Road 2 km east of Genoa. The majority of the roads in the park are not suitable for 2WD and all roads are weather dependant, so please check condition and accessibility before you leave home.


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Guided Activities


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2. Four Wheel Drive Tours



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