Banksia Park

The open space, playgrounds and picnic areas of Banksia Park make it a popular location with visitors of all ages. The park is perfect for cyclists, joggers, walkers and those who enjoy a breath of fresh air.


Things to Do


>> Follow the Heritage Trail and learn about our history and special significance of the Aboriginal sites.
>> View the plentiful water fowl in the wetlands.
>> Fly a kite.
>> Make use of over 3 kilometres of bitumen track by walking, jogging or cycling.
>> Walk the Heidelberg Artists Trail.
>> Visit the Japanese Cherry Tree Grove.
>> Try fishing in the Yarra.
>> Have picnic or barbecue.




>> Wood fired barbecues with wood supplied. You may bring your own gas barbecue.
>> Picnic tables and shelters.
>> Toilets with wheelchair access.
>> Organised groups of more than 50 people require a permit from the park office.




In 1841 a punt was installed on the Yarra River at the site of the bridge at Banksia Park. It opened the best route between Melbourne and the Bulleen-Templestowe area enabling the earliest Europeans to settle along the rich river flats. Banksia Park was the first part of the Yarra Valley Parklands to be opened to the public in 1978.




Over 80 different species of birds have been recorded in the park. A keen eye may spot a superb fairy-wren or a rainbow lorikeet along the river. Pacific black ducks and dusky moorhens are easily seen around the Banksia Park pond. Other inhabitants include possums, gliders, wombats, reptiles, frogs and a variety of fish.




Banksia Park has a unique blend of remnant native vegetation and exotic plants. Ancient river red gums are scattered along the Yarra River's banks, along with manna gums, wattles, grasses and shrubs.


On the higher terraces are mature pines, oaks, willows and poplars.


How to Get There


The park is open every day from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. Hours are exended to 8:00 PM during daylight saving. Pedestrians have 24 hour access.


Enter from Templestowe Road, Bulleen.


Banksia Park has good recreational opportunities for families. The tracks are all sealed and quite wide, mostly shared with recreational cyclists. There are a number of car parking areas, and two entry roads. A designated accessible toilet on site meets many criteria for access, and the picnic furniture also has a good level of access.




Barbeque, Cycling, Fishing, Walking, Walking Dogs.



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