Alpine National Park

Victoria's largest national park came into being in December 1989 after years of debate and planning. The Alpine National Park covers 6460 square kilometres of Victoria's High Country stretching along the Great Dividing Range from near Mansfield through to the New South Wales border.


Geographical features of the park include the State's tallest mountains: Mount Bogong (1986 metres) and Mount Feathertop (1922 metres), as well as escarpments, steep river valleys and open expanses of high plains.


Plants and Animals


The park is home for a variety of plants and animals that have adpated to survive the severe winter climate.


Of special note is the rare mountain pygmy possum the world's only exclusively alpine marsupial and the only marsupial that stores food to last it through winter. Its special habitat - boulder slopes with heathland and snow gums - is found only in a few places in the Alps. Another 20 threatened species of wildlife make their home in the parks.


The ruggedly attractive snow gum grows up to the treeline. Above this altitude, where the climate is too severe for trees to survive, are extensive heathlands, grasslands and bogs. The High Plains are renowned for their summer wildflower displays.


More than 1100 native plant species are found in the park, including 38 that are considered to be of national significance. Twleve of these species are found nowhere else in the world.




The park provides adventure opportunities for walkers, cross-country skiers and horse rider. It is a popular venue for fishing, deer hunting, four-wheel-driving and canoeing.


Two-wheel-drive roads provide easy access in the summer months and there is plenty of scope for scenic driving and short walks to lookouts and other points of interest.


The vast area of the park also provides opportunites for remote recreation in wilderness areas accessible to experienced and well-prepared walkers.


Looking after the park


Visitors can help protect and preserve the natural features of the park by following some common-sense guidelines:


Dogs and cats are not permitted; firearms are not permitted, except for deer hunting in specified areas; and do not disturb or remove any native plants or animal.


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