Alfred National Park

Alfred National Park contains some of the most southerly occurrences of warm temperate rainforest in Australia. Many plant species found in the park are uncommon in the rest of Victoria. The park protects high conservation values, rare flora and fauna and diverse landscape values.


Things to Do


>>There are no walking tracks or easily accessible stopping points on the highway from which to explore the park. Views from the highway are possible, but stopping is not recommended.
>>Only keen walkers prepared with maps and navigation gear should explore the park. Walking may be difficult due to thick vegetation.




>>No camping areas are provided in the park.
>>The nearest camping areas and facilities are in Cann River or Genoa.
>>There are no access roads.




The park was proposed by naturalists Charles Daley and Edward Pescott and was established 1925. It was named after the then Minister of Lands, Alfred Downard.




There are many wet forest and rainforest bird species including ground thrush, lyrebirds, pilot-birds, powerful owl and the brown flycatcher. Wallabies and wombats also inhabit the park.




Warm temperate rainforest with many species of native orchid and Victorian tree-ferns including rough, smooth, soft and prickly varieties. Lilly-Pilly and Kanooka trees are also common in the park.


Looking After the Park


>>All native plants, animals, cultural and historic sites and natural features are protected.
>>Take your rubbish with you. The closest public rubbish tips are located in Cann River and Genoa.
>>Dogs and other pets are not permitted in the park.
>>Firearms are not permitted in the park.
>>Leave the park as you find it.




>>There are no access roads which makes exploring the park difficult. It is recommended that bushwalkers are well equipped.
>>Stopping along the narrow and winding sections of the highway is not recommended.


How to Get There


The park is on the Princes Highway, approximately 480 km east of Melbourne and 500 km south of Sydney.


Nearby Parks


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Information for this National Park has been supplied courtesy of  Parks Victoria



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