Yumbarra Conservation Park


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Location and Access
Yumbarra is only 30 km north of Ceduna and can be accessed by three separate roads. One road is by Y Lake via the OTC Road, which is signposted, another route is just east of the Koonibba turn-off, which takes you into Inila and Yumbarra rockhole. The third road is via Kalanbi and is the first bend just north of Ceduna - turn to your right from the highway.


There are NO facilities within Yumbarra. Travellers must be self-sufficient and carry adequate water, food, fuel and medical supplies.


Watch for oncoming vehicles. Take care when approaching on sand ridges that range up to 25 metres in height. Please stay on defined tracks and do not detour to any lake surfaces. Use Channel 18 on the CB/UHF.


Birdwatching, camping, nature studies and bushwalking can all be undertaken. Bushwalking is for the fit and adventurous only.


Yumbarra is a large area of rolling sand dunes clothed with mallee and spinifex. It is an important conservation area for some of our rare and vanishing native species. The park derives its name from one of the rock holes that protrudes from the earth like an island in a sea of sand. The rock holes fill with water after rain and provide an important water source for local wildlife. Walking trails provide plenty of interest for visitors. Goog’s Track takes visitors to Goog’s Lake, Mount Finke and the monuments to Goog and Dinger Denton.


Flora and Fauna
Malleefowl and Sandhill Dunnarts are two rare species that are found in this park. Kangaroos, wombats, dingoes and a large variety of birds are also present.


Further Information
Department for Environment and Heritage
11 McKenzie Street
PO Box 569
Ceduna SA 5690


Phone: (61 8) 8625 3144
Fax: (61 8) 8625 3123


Information for this National Park has been supplied courtesy of The Department for Environment and Heritage (DEH)



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