Point Labatt National Park

Location and Access
Located about 50 km south of Streaky Bay on the Calca Peninsula, Point Labatt is accessible by an unsealed road via Sceales Bay or Calca. Simply follow the road signs.


The roads are regularly graded, however, care should be taken as the surface can be loose and slippery. There are also grids to be crossed on the Peninsula road.


The nearest facilities are located at Streaky Bay and Port Kenny. The park itself caters for day visitors only with a car park and viewing area. Please note that the viewing area is on an exposed cliff top, so be prepared for all weather conditions. It is best to visit during mild weather.


Flora and Fauna
There are several colonies of the Australian Sea-lion found in the Great Australian Bight, off South Australia’s west coast. Found in no other country in the world, the Australian Sea-lion is one of the rarest seals and Australia’s most endangered marine mammals. The sea-lion colony at Point Labatt is the only permanent breeding colony on the mainland. All other colonies occur on the offshore islands.


The park was dedicated to protect the sea-lion colony. The Aquatic Reserve below the cliffs is a prohibited area. Penalties apply for illegal entry into the Aquatic Reserve.


A cliff top viewing area about 50 metres above the colony provides a view of the sea-lions and other coastal wildlife. Binoculars and/or a telephoto lens are recommended for enhanced viewing.


A visit to the park could be included as part of a day trip through the area. Murphy’s Haystacks and the scenic drive around Mount Westall are some of the other local attractions worth visiting along the way.


Further Information
Department for Environment and Heritage
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PO Box 569
Ceduna SA 5690


Phone: (61 8) 8625 3144
Fax: (61 8) 8625 3123


Information for this National Park has been supplied courtesy of The Department for Environment and Heritage (DEH)



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