Girringun National Park

The Blencoe Falls Section of Girringun National Park boasts spectacular scenery and an array of plant and animal life. Blencoe Falls plunges 90m to the pool below, before cascading a further 230m to the base of the gorge.


Open forest dominates the escarpments and she-oaks line the Herbert River. Along the gullies and upper slopes of the Herbert River Gorge, vine-thicket rainforest scattered with hoop pines persists.


In the open forest, animals such as the elegant whiptail wallaby and gangly emu try to find sanctuary from the heat. In the river and creeks, freshwater turtles can be seen basking on logs or peering through the surface of the water.


Natural, cultural and historical values make this region a truly special place. We invite you to explore the park, learn about its history and enjoy the diverse plant and animal life.


Things to do: Blencoe Falls provides a gateway to the Wet Tropics Great Walk. With 110km of walking opportunities, including short and overnight walks, there is something for everyone.


Jabali — 5km return (Allow 1.5–2hrs) Grade: Moderate


The Jabali (Ju-bah-li — whiptail wallaby) walk provides sensational views of Blencoe Falls and an opportunity to experience the rugged country of the Australian bush.


Jambal walk — 20.6km return (Allow 2 days) Grade: Difficult


The Jambal (Jum-bul — snake) walk to the Herbert River Gorge is for experienced, self-sufficient walkers with a high level of fitness.


Juwun walk — 43.5km one way (Allow 4-6 days) Grade: Difficult


The Juwun (Jorn — Herbert River Gorge) walk is a strenuous walk through the Herbert River Gorge from Blencoe Falls to Yamanie Section pick-up and is suitable only for experienced, self-sufficient walkers with a high level of fitness.


Getting there: Blencoe Falls can be accessed via the coast from Kennedy or inland via Mt Garnet. Access to Blencoe Falls should only be attempted in dry conditions, and 4WDs are recommended. Local flooding may restrict access. Contact the RACQ to enquire about local road conditions


From Kennedy


Turn west off the Bruce Highway, 11km north of Cardwell at Kennedy. Drive a further 7km along the Kennedy Creek Road and turn right into Kirrama Range Road. Follow the signs through the scenic Kirrama Range. Most of the road is unsealed, steep and windy. Allow at least two hours to travel the 66km.


From Mt Garnet


Blencoe Falls is 96km south-east of Mt Garnet. The two-hour drive passes through several cattle stations along the Kennedy Development Road, Kirrama — Mt Garnet Road and Kirrama — Cashmere Road.



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