Bladensburg National Park

Flat-topped mesas, plateaus and residual sandstone ranges are a scenic backdrop to Bladensburg National Park’s vast grassland plains and river flats. This large, remote park protects examples of the Mitchell Grass Downs and Channel Country in outback Queensland.


Mitchell and Flinders grasses grow on the plains while river red gum and coolibahs fringe Surprise Creek. Open woodlands of western bloodwood and mulga grow on mesas and plateaus, lancewood and spinifex grass cover steep slopes and escarpments and Normanton box grows in the broad valleys.


The park is home to a wonderful variety of wildlife, from kangaroos and wallaroos to dunnarts, native marsupial mice and birds such as emus, spotted bowerbirds and brolgas. Many birds are at the extreme boundary of their range here.


Skull Hole is believed to be the site of an Aboriginal massacre in the late 1800s. Other sites in the park are reminders of the park’s early pastoral history.


Exploring Bladensburg: Picnic or bush camp beside Bough Shed Hole or at Scrammy Gorge. Visitors must be self-sufficient. Take water.


Go stargazing at night. Away from city lights, the starlit skies are entrancing. Go birdwatching around the creek. Look for painted firetails and rufous-throated honeyeaters, two typical birds of central and northern Australia.


Go for a scenic drive along the “Route of the River Gums” tourist drive in dry weather. See the restored homestead which is now a visitor centre. The cooler months from March to September are the best times to visit.


Walking: Only experienced and well-equipped walkers should go bushwalking. There are no tracks.


Getting there: Bladensburg is 17km south-west of Winton. Take the “Route of the River Gums” starting about 8km south of Winton on the Jundah-Opalton road. Drive 6km to the park and a further 14km to the camping area. Check road conditions before visiting.


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