The Palms National Park

What's special?


In the Brisbane River headwaters, The Palms National Park protects a small remnant of mixed palm vine forest and subtropical rainforest.
Exploring The Palms
The Palms is a great place for a stopover on your way to the Bunya Mountains. Have a bush picnic with the local wildlife. Boil or treat the water before drinking.
Walk through the forest. Look for grey-headed flying-foxes camping over the creek in summer and visiting black-breasted button-quails in winter and spring.




See piccabeen palms, a large strangler fig, bunya and hoop pines, and buttressed trees along the track and boardwalks through the rainforest.


Getting there


The park is 7km north-east of Cooyar. Turn off the New England Highway 1km north of Cooyar then drive 6km to the park.


Further Information

QPWS Toowoomba (for Queen Mary Falls)
158 Hume Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350
ph (07) 4699 4355
fax (07) 4699 4399


Information for this National Park has been supplied courtesy of Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service



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