Mount Moffatt, Carnarvon National Park

Sculpted sandstone outcrops, spectacular views from the highest plateau in Queensland and highly significant Aboriginal rock art sites are found in this remote section of Carnarvon National Park.


Getting there and getting around


Mount Moffatt is 220km north of Mitchell via Womblebank Station. It is 160km north-west of Injune via Womblebank Station or via Westgrove Station.
The road from Womblebank is unsealed and can become impassable after rain. In dry weather, the park can be reached by conventional 2WD vehicle if care is taken, but some sections of the road may be rough. High-clearance 4WD is recommended. Once in the park, high-clearance 4WD is required to reach many of the features.


Park features


This is a remote park of wild and diverse landscapes. Broad, sandy valleys of the Maranoa River are covered with open, grassy woodlands. Striking outcrops of sculpted sandstone rise above the trees.
In the north-east of the park, sandstone cliffs lead up to the basalt-topped ridges of the Great Dividing Range. At more than 1000 metres above sea level, the Consuelo Tableland is the highest plateau in Queensland. Spectacular views reveal a sweeping landscape of mountain ranges, rugged peaks, escarpments and gorges.
Mount Moffatt's rich mosaic of open woodlands, forests and plains is home to a huge variety of plant and animal species.
This is also a place rich in human history. Aboriginal rock art is evidence of people's connection with the land that stretches back for at least 19,000 years. Stockyards and fences are a reminder of the area's history as a cattle station.


Things to do


>>Walking and driving
>>Viewing wildlife


Staying safe


>>Drive carefully — roads have sandy patches and animals are often on the roads.
>>Roads can become impassable after heavy rains. You should ensure that you have extra supplies for four or five days if you are camping in the park.
>>Creek water is not suitable for drinking, so take water with you when driving in the park.
>>If your vehicle breaks down, stay with it — a vehicle is much easier to find than a person.
>>There is no mobile phone coverage in the area. In an emergency, contact the ranger on UHF Channel 8 duplex.


Looking after the park


By following these rules, you will help protect and conserve Mount Moffatt.
>>Do not bring firearms and other weapons into the park.
>>Leave your pets at home.
>>Take all your rubbish with you. Do not bury or burn rubbish.
>>Consider using a fuel stove — collecting firewood is not permitted in the park.
>>Use toilet facilities where provided.
>>Do not use generators, engine-driven compressors or chainsaws.
>>Do not use soap or shampoo in waterholes or creeks.
>>Do not take any "souvenirs" — everything in the park is protected.


Further information


36 Quintin Street, Roma
PO Box 981, Roma QLD 4455
ph (07) 4622 4266
fax (07) 4622 4151


EPA Customer Service Centre
160 Ann Street, Brisbane
PO Box 15155, City East QLD 4002
ph (07) 3227 8185
fax (07) 3227 8749


Information for this National Park has been supplied courtesy of Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service



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