Mount Fox, Girringun National Park

Rising above surrounding eucalypt woodlands, the conical Mount Fox is an ancient volcano with a large crater. Interesting geological features include large volcanic boulders known as fusiform bombs.


Getting there and getting around


Mount Fox is 75km south-west of Ingham via the Herbert River Valley and the Seaview Range. Travel west from Ingham along Abergowrie Road to Trebonne. From here the route is well signposted. About 20km from the park in the Mount Fox Forest Reserve, a lookout provides views across the valley.
While most of the route is unsealed and the road up the range is narrow and windy, it can still be accessed using a conventional vehicle.


Park features

A relic of north Queensland's volcanic past, the Mount Fox Section of Girringun National Park contains an isolated, well-preserved, dormant volcano within its 215ha area.
Plant communities in and around Mount Fox are restricted by the windy conditions and a landscape riddled with boulders. Despite this, small patches of vine-thicket rainforest persist. Lining small gullies around the outside of the crater, the vine-thicket rainforest provides essential habitat for the endangered Sharman's rock-wallaby.


Staying safe


>>Take care around cliffs, steep slopes and rock faces along tracks and at lookouts.
>>Protect yourself from the sun. Wear sunscreen, a hat and a long-sleeved shirt, even on cloudy days.
>>Carry adequate drinking water.
>>Wear sturdy, reliable footwear. Make sure your footwear has been worn in before you start your walk.


In the event of an emergency, communication equipment is vital. You should carry at least one form of communication equipment. Mobile phone coverage is very limited and should not be relied upon as the only form of emergency communication. In case of an emergency, if network access is available, dial 000 with a CDMA mobile phone or 112 with a normal digital mobile phone.


Looking after the park


Please assist QPWS to look after this special place. Please follow these guidelines:
>>Do not chase, scare or feed animals.
>>Take all rubbish home with you, including food scraps.
>>A total fire ban covers this area. All fires, including barbecues and gas stoves, are prohibited.
>>Toilets are not provided. Always use a trowel to bury toilet waste and biodegradable paper. Dig a 15cm deep hole at least 100m away from watercourses and tracks. Take all sanitary items with you as they do not decompose.
>>Firearms are prohibited.
>>Remember, this is a national park — everything is protected.


Further information

QPWS Rainforest and Reef Information Centre
142 Victoria Street
PO Box 74, Cardwell QLD 4849
ph (07) 4066 8601
fax (07) 4066 8116


EPA Customer Service Centre
160 Ann Street, Brisbane
PO Box 15155, City East QLD 4002
ph (07) 3227 8185
fax (07) 3227 8749


Information for this National Park has been supplied courtesy of Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service



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