Keppel Bay Islands National Park

The Keppel Bay Islands National Park is made up of a group of continental islands that lie within Keppel Bay, adjacent to the Capricorn Coast of Central Queensland. There are seven islands within this National Park that are available for camping, ranging in size from North Keppel Island (580ha) through to Conical Island (7 ha). No part of Great Keppel Island is National Park.


Geology and landform


All the continental islands in Keppel Bay were once hilltops on an extended coastal plain. Rising sea level about 6000 years ago isolated these hilltops to make them islands. Now, white sandy beaches, rocky headlands and coral reefs fringe most of these islands.


Cultural heritage - Aboriginal
There is a rich and ultimately tragic history of indigenous traditional occupation of the Keppel Islands, however traditional owners still maintain connection with the islands today.


Cultural heritage - European
European use of the islands has included slavery, fishing, grazing and possum hunting, with more recent developments including tourism facilities on Great Keppel and Pumpkin Islands and an environmental education centre on North Keppel Island.

Park Access


The mainland terminal for boat access to Keppel Bay is the Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour near Yeppoon.
Regular commercial ferry services operate to Great Keppel Island from Rosslyn Bay.
It is possible to arrange transport to national park camping islands with ferry operators and commercial charterers from Rosslyn Bay.
It is also possible to arrange transport to camping islands from Great Keppel Island.


Plants and animals


The Keppel Islands are habitat for many bird species, particularly those dependent on marine and tidal areas for feeding and roosting. A wide range of reptiles can be found on many of the islands.


Paperbark, livistona palm and schlerophyll forests, together with grasslands and low shrublands in exposed areas can be found on the islands.


Further information and booking centres:


QPWS Senior Ranger - Keppel Bay Islands National Park
John Howes Drive
Rosslyn Bay
via Yeppoon QLD 4703
Phone: (07) 4933 6595
Fax: (07) 4933 6199



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