Great Basalt Wall National Park

What's special?


This national park protects 35,200ha of land containing the Great Basalt Wall, a geological formation of the Toomba basalt flow. It is not accessible to the public.


Park features


There is no public access to Great Basalt Wall National Park. The park boundaries are surrounded by freehold or leasehold properties, through which access is not permitted. The broken basalt terrain of the park is not traversable by vehicles. There are no roads, walking tracks, campgrounds or facilities.


Visitors can view basalt flows and camp along the banks of the Burdekin River at Dalrymple National Park. Located 42km north of Charters Towers, access is via the Gregory Development Road. Free campsites are also provided at the nearby council camping reserve at Fletcher Creek.


Further Information
QPWS Reef and National Parks Information Centre
Old Quarantine Station, Pallarenda
ph (07) 4722 5224
fax (07) 4722 5222


Information for this National Park has been supplied courtesy of Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service



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