Cottan-Bimbang National Park

This park crosses the Oxley Highway south of Werrikimbe National Park and was formerly state forest. 'Cottan-bimbang' is the local Aboriginal word for the walking stick palm, which grows in the park's warm temperate rainforests.


Myrtle Scrub Road in the west of the park provides a scenic drive and an introduction to the extensive tracts of tall old-growth wet eucalypt forest and rainforest. There's a picnic area on the Oxley Highway and a cleared area for picnics next to Cells River on Myrtle Scrub Road. Limited accommodation, fuel and food is available just outside the park at Gingers Creek.


65 kilometres east of Walcha along the Oxley Highway. Myrtle Scrub Road is a 15-kilometre circuit that connects with the Oxley Highway.


Information for this National Park has been supplied courtesy of  The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service



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