Chaelundi National Park

Lying north-west of Dorrigo, Chaelundi has the largest stand of old-growth forest in northern NSW. Go bushwalking along the park's crystal clear creeks, or stop for a swim, a picnic or enjoy a spot of remote bush camping.


You also can get to the spectacular Chandlers Creek by 4WD along the Stockyard Creek Trail, which forms the southern boundary of the park.


The diverse forest environments and substantial old-growth sections make the area ecologically unique. The park harbours approximately 18 threatened animal species, and the many tree-dwelling mammals include brush-tailed and ringtail possums and greater gliders.


Getting there

This park is near...
Grafton (45 km)
Best access routes

Chaelundi National Park is inland from the north coast of NSW, approximately 620 km north of Sydney. There are two access points on the Armidale—Grafton road. There's a good quality access route via Boundary Creek Road, just south of Nymboida. Or turn off about 10 km west of Nymboida for access via dirt roads.
Road quality: unpaved sections


There's an alternative route from Dorrigo via Bostabrick, Dundurrabin and Billy's Creek. Go along Ellis Road to Black Snake Corner, then north along Sheas Knob Road.
Road quality: unpaved sections


Natural environment

Chaelundi's vast tracts of old-growth forest harbour a variety of threatened animal species. Some 11,000 hectares of the park were declared wilderness in November 2005.


Native plants


Chaelundi contains 7500 hectares of iconic old-growth forests, including large and majestic stands of spotted gum, grassy New England blackbutt forest, tallowwood and blue gum forests.


Native animals


There are many tree-dwelling mammals in the park, including brush-tailed and ringtail possums, yellow-bellied gliders and greater gliders. There are also important populations of the rufus bettong and the koala, both of which are vulnerable in NSW. Other rare species include the New Holland mouse, glossy-black cockatoo and Stephen's banded snake.


Information for this National Park has been supplied courtesy of  The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service



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