Bellinger River National Park

An untouched wilderness of steep slopes and valleys filled with waterfalls, Bellinger River National Park is a place where time seems to stand still. If you're ready for adventure you can explore the unspoiled old-growth forests and rainforests of this unique park.


There are no marked walking tracks in the park, but experienced bushwalkers can go exploring, enjoying the unspoiled beauty. Griffiths Lookout, above the northern edge of the park, gives spectacular views of the coast and over the Dorrigo Escarpment.


Getting there

This park is near...
Dorrigo (10 km)
Best access routes

Bellinger River National Park is about 570km north of Sydney, near Dorrigo. There is no vehicle access within the park. You can go into the park on foot from the Waterfall Way, about 12km from Dorrigo or 15km from Bellingen. You can also enter the park from roads alongside the Bellinger River.


Natural environment

Native plants


The park has extensive areas of old-growth forest and several hundred hectares of subtropical and warm temperate rainforests. A number of plant species known to be rare, endangered or vulnerable have been found in the park.


Native animals


Sixty-nine bird species have been recorded in the park, many of which are dependent on the rainforest. You might see forest birds such as lyrebirds, brush turkeys, satin and regent bowerbirds, king parrots, crimson rosellas, currawongs and honeyeaters. Threatened species include:
wompoo fruit-dove
rufous scrub-bird
red goshawk
masked owl
sooty owl.
The park's mammals include:
eastern grey kangaroos
long-nosed bandicoots
parma and swamp wallabies
red-necked pademelons
several possum species.
The park landscape: geology and landforms


The park ranges from 40m above sea level in the Bellinger Valley to an altitude of 800m on the Dorrigo Plateau. It's an important forested corridor, bridging the steep drop from the plateau to the valley and linking the escarpment forests of the New England and Dorrigo national parks. Geologically, most of the park lies on what are known as Bellinger River Slates.

Culture & history


Aboriginal heritage
Bellinger River National Park lies within the territory of the Gumbaynggir Aboriginal people, which extends from Grafton in the north to the Nambucca River in the south and westward from the coast to the headwaters of the Nymboida River.


The land and waterways, and the plants and animals that live in them, feature in all facets of Aboriginal culture – including recreational, ceremonial, spiritual and as a main source of food and medicine. They are associated with dreaming stories and cultural learning that is still passed on today. We work with local Aboriginal communities to protect this rich heritage.


Information for this National Park has been supplied courtesy of  The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service



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